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Entrance Access Solutions

Our entrance access solutions offers a secure access control system for your commercial entrance.

Locking an entrance door can deter intruders and can help you restrict access to your business premises, making the management of your building simple.

We offer a wide variety of systems;

Secure and easy to use systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a power cut were to happen your system will REMAIN secure.  It is setup to remain locked.  Backup batteries can also be fitted.  A battery could keep your system active for around 8 hours and would keep the lock functional and secure. 

Our keypad entry systems require a 4-6 digit number that you enter to unlock the electric door lock.

We provide you with a small key fob  that allows you to electronically unlock and the entry door.  The user presents the key fob to the ‘reader’ and this unlocks the door.  Our swipe card systems operate in the same manner.

Fingerprint access is a super quick and easy way to access your entry door.  The pad is able to read the fingerprint of the user (pre-programmed) and is an excellent way to monitor traffic going into and coming out of your building / property.  Software allows the fingerprint entry system to check against a database of approved people who are allowed access to the building.

This depends upon a variety of factors.  We have varying levels of security and can base this upon your budget as to the best system to match your business goals.  We have a large range of access solutions that we can install and you will find it a very worthwhile investment for your business.

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Access card door entry system

Why Glasgow Aluminium?

We specialise in varying entrance door solutions, offering many types of access doors that will keep your business secure.
GASF hold a wealth of experience when it comes to installation and our friendly team make the process simple and easy.
Your Access door or doors will be installed to the highest of standards and we will guide you thorugh the entire process in a timely manner.
There are other options regarding security that we can also discuss, such as sheer locks and strike locks and even eletric panic bars.
Our wide range of access control systems are not limited to new doors, they can be installed to existing doors, allowing you to improve current door entrances. We are happy to chat through the options available with you and our experienced team will be able to help you select the correct system for your business that meets your requirements.
We also offer regular door maintenance that will keep a check on any issues that might arise. And in the unlikely event anything goes wrong, we offer a 24/7 repair service.
Information we might require:
* What is the size of the door / What size of door do you require to be installed?
* What security features are required for your business ?
* Do you have multiple doors that require security features?
* Will this door have high traffic? Are there restrictions to your entrance?
Access Door Control Keypad with Keycard | Access Doors Glasgow

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  • Secure
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy Configuration
  • Cost Effective
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